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Song of The Christopher Farm & Gardens

"Have you seen Christopher Gardens and Farm?" If you have not this song about the Christopher Farm and Gardens will introduce you to a few of the many wonderful features and gardens.  If you have, then you will find this lovely song falls no note short of perfect in it's description. 

The song was written and set to the tune of "Sweet Betsy From Pike" by Barbara Pragalz, a retired music teacher from Sheboygan.  Mrs. Pragalz is the mother of one of our staff members, Rob Pragalz.  After visiting the gardens on a number of occasions and hearing that Mr. Christopher has always wanted a song written about the farm, Mrs. Pragalz put pen to paper, and verse to music. 

"Song of The Christopher Farm and Gardens"

Have you seen Christopher Gardens and Farm?   
   And if you haven’t I’ll spread the alarm.
With grasses and flowers and apples galore,
   Once you have been here you’ll want to see more.

The sun on the prairie is sparkling and bright.
   The grapes on the arbors are growing just right.
A ride on the train is all that you need,
   To see this is something so special, indeed.

Jayrassic Park is where hostas are found,
   With dinosaur bones all lying around.
The watershed map is a beautiful view;
   Filled in with glass chips of a magical blue.

The ducks and the chickens make such a fine brood.
   The eggs that they lay are tasty and good.
The bees are a buzzing around all the hives;
   To make sure the grasses and flowers all thrive.

The Japanese Tea House is calm and serene;
   Nestled in a corner so quiet and green.
Spring at the garden when daffodils sway,
   Tell us that summer is not far away.

There are pickles and jellies, potatoes and beets.
   Where else can you find such wonderful treats?
The place is a haven, and everything grows.
   Mother Nature is happy right down to her toes.

Written by: Barbara Pragalz
Set to the tune, “Sweet Betsy From Pike”
Sung by: Anne Schuessler
Christopher Farm and Gardens 2020

Click on the link or picture below to hear the song.