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Garden Art

While exploring the various gardens within the property you may start to notice some of the wonderful artwork that is also featured. Tucked away in different places, the sculptures and statues offer an area for visitors to contemplate, reflect, and escape to a place where the healing power of art and nature coincide. Below you will find a description detailing a few of our many interesting pieces found throughout the gardens.

Bear Family

The Bear Family Sculpture was designed and carved by Beau Gano from Taos, New Mexico in 2011. Gano began carving at the age of 7, encouraged and instructed by local artisans in Taos, New Mexico.  Gano continued studying art throughout high school and then apprenticed under sculptor, Doug Scott, for nearly five years.  Gano draws inspiration from the wildlife and natural landscape of northern New Mexico and works in various mediums, including marble, granite, alabaster, limestone, sandstone, slate, petrified wood, and wood. The Bear Family sculpture, inspired by the artist’s love for his own family, depicts a mother, father, son, and daughter in an embrace. The sculpture was carved from Trementina Santa Rosa Sandstone from the Villanueva, New Mexico Region and weighs over 4,000 pounds. The Bear Family can be viewed in its year-round home near the amphitheater.

Eagle Steel Sculpture and Horse Steel Sculpture

The horse sculpture located at the Farm entrance and the eagle sculpture located along the bluff were both creations of sculptor Carl Vanderheyden of Fine Steel Art. The eagle sculpture majestically sits overlooking Lake Michigan and reminds many of the first pair of nesting bald eagles that called the Farm home in 2015. The horse sculpture pays homage to the property’s history as the Hinz Horse farm and even features a horseshoe that was found on the property attached to the sculpture's right hoof. A renowned sculptor and Wisconsin native, Carl Vanderheyden uses hand-cut and formed pieces of reclaimed home fuel oil tanks and rich, high-grade rescued stainless steel for his wonderful pieces.

For more information on his work please visit: https://www.finesteelart.com 

Fruit and Vegetable Sculptures

The gardens feature 8 different abstract fruit and vegetable sculptures in various locations that were created by artist Jennifer Asher of Terra Sculpture located in Los Angeles, California. Asher studied landscape architecture and worked as a landscape designer before becoming a sculptor. Her concepts relate to rebirth, renewal, and transition and utilize different mediums, including copper and steel. The fruit and vegetable sculptures include eggplant, carrot, corn, radish, cherry tomato, grape, artichoke, and strawberry, and offer a modern and whimsical view of the items grown within the property.

For more information on Terra Sculpture visit: https://terrasculpture.com/

Garden Teleidoscopes

Located within 4 various garden sections, one may come across these curious sculptures featuring flowering plants and foliage and wonder what they are. These fascinating creations are teleidoscopes, a type of kaleidoscope, that contain a lens used to form kaleidoscopic patterns from objects that are found outside of the device. The design is an original concept that was created by sculptor Robert Anderson of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Anderson has been creating interactive living sculptures out of steel since 1997 and has installations featured at countless locations across the United States.

For more information please visit: https://rcandersondoorcounty.com/