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Farm Canning Kitchen

Fresh from the Farm Gardens

Under the direction of our Italian Farm Chef, George Quiriconi, the Farm Canning Kitchen cupboards are stocked each season with everything from Bread & Butter Pickles to Lavender Honey Jam.  Chef George uses produce harvested from our raised bed gardens and fruit from our orchards to make a rainbow of canned delicacies.  

The Canning Kitchen was added in 2013 and is located in our Landscaping Barn.

The kitchen is fully equipped with a 6-burner range, double ovens, industrial freezer/refrigerator, stainless steel multi sink unit for washing and drying produce, and all the Pampered Chef products one chef could need! 

Special sweet treats include pumpkin, apple, raspberry, black raspberry, sweet and sour cherry, and sweet potato pies.  

Canned goods include Applesauce, Spearmint Pear Sauce, Dilly Beans, Salsa, Butternut squash, Tomato Sauce, Bloody Mary Mix Tomato Juice, Beets, Corn, Zucchini, and Ketchup - Jay's favorite!