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Seasonal Journals

Journals are often used as a way of tracking observations and changes, allowing one to reflect on what has already happened, what is currently happening, and perhaps even what has yet to happen. To measure growth, you must add up all of the little changes that happen over time, while considering the effort involved. Reminiscing on the moments and memories made along the way is a good way to appreciate where you have been, and where you are going!  

This is what we aim to do with our Grow Zone seasonal journal issues. By tracking the progress and milestones happening here at The Christopher Farm & Gardens, we will be able to view where we have been, what we are doing, and what we may be anticipating, going forward. With you, our viewers, we wish to share these things that we have observed and trialed over each past season - in relation to our environmental endeavors, our gardening ventures and our community connections. 

The journal issues, released quarterly, will be found as links below in chronological order, from the most recent issues located at the top to older issues descending. 

We hope you enjoy reading and growing alongside us! 

Grow Zone - Volume 1, Issue 2

Grow Zone - Volume 1, Issue 1