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History of Mosel Township

The Christopher Farm and Gardens is located in Mosel Township in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. Below you will find information regarding the history of Mosel Township and relevant historical resources on the area. 

History of Towns and Villages - Mosel Township
Source: History of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, past and present, Volume 1; 
By Carl Zillier, S.J. Clarke Publishing Company; Publ. 1912; 
Transcribed by Andrea Stawski Pack
The town of Mosel contains only eighteen full and six fractional sections and is the smallest in the county. It has no villages. was separated from Sheboygan and completed its organization by the election of William Wipperman as chairman, and Robert Athorp, town clerk. Mosel is situated in the extreme northeast corner of the county and is bounded on the east by Lake Michigan, north by Manitowoc county, west by the town of Herman and south by the town of Sheboygan. It is watered by small streams flowing in an easterly direction, emptying into the lake. It may be stated typographically the surface of the town is gently rolling. The soil is very fertile and consists of a rich clay loam and in the days when the county became noted for the production of its excellent peas, that product of the soil was raised here in large quantities.
The Lake Shore & Western Railroad became the Chicago & Northwestern and today is the Canadian National.  The railroad enters the town on section 33 and passing through the town in a straight line, leaves it at section 4. On the line of this railroad are two stations-Mosel, on section 33, and Seven Mile Creek, on section 16.

At the time that settlements were made in Mosel there were no roads to Sheboygan except by way of the Green Bay road to Sheboygan Falls and thence by a road to Sheboygan. The first settlers came in the summer of 1847. 
The sole industry of Mosel town is agriculture and the population is practically German. In 1910 the population was 884. Mosel has within its borders good schools and churches. The farms are highly cultivated, well fenced and stocked and the farms and out-buildings will compare favorably with any in the county.


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