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Children’s Farm

Youngsters learn about farm life at our Children’s Educational Farm.  Our mini scale working farm is complete with raised vegetable and flower beds, a chicken coop, apple orchard, barn classroom, rabbit and turtle pens, and a Great Lakes watershed mosaic.   We believe agriculture to be very important and our educational farm helps youngsters learn about where food comes from and the value of nutrition.   On top of all that, children also learn that farming can be a lot of fun. 

Why are chickens so captivating? Ask the youngsters, they love them.   Kids visiting the coop love to tell which one they like the best and give them names.  Our flock consists of a mix of several heritage breeds to preserve diversity.   Some of our breeds are over 200 years old.  We collect eggs daily on the farm sometimes getting up to eight a day.   Nothing beats a omelet breakfast from freshly laid eggs. CLICK HERE for more chicken information.