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The Christopher Farm & Gardens

Welcome to the world of The Christopher Farm & Gardens, where garden design, horticulture, wildlife and education intertwine to create a magical place. In total, 500 acres along a mile of Lake Michigan shoreline shine with 50 acres of botanical gardens. The Gardens are the result of owner, Jay W. Christopher's interest in horticulture, education and sharing the beauty of God's creation to help inspire others.  

Years before the Farm & Garden development, the land on which The Christopher Farm & Gardens stands was home to the Hinz Horse farm. Mr. Herb Hinz raised prize winning horses on acres of lakeshore grazing land. Since then, the Farm has undergone significant transformations to become the magnificent property that is enjoyed by family, friends and visitors. 

Our Mission & Vision:

The mission of The Christopher Farm & Gardens is to bring together horticulture, landscape design, education and the arts to inspire and enlighten guests.

We are dedicated to providing a space for enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of native Wisconsin plants, trees, animals and the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The vision of The Christopher Farm & Gardens is to continually grow with a focus on education and preservation of God’s earthly creations.

Land Stewardship:

Our commitment to ecological land management and preservation extends beyond the formal Gardens to include nearly 200 acres of natural areas consisting of meadows, forests, farm land, lakeshore ravines, beaches and wetlands.

Garden Composting:

We fill a 20’ x 20’ x 8’ composting bin which is approximately 100 cubic yards, over 3 times during our seasonal growing months. Compost is transferred from the bin to our farmland acreage for decomposing.  We turn over the compost and once fully decomposed we use the rich soil in our planting beds.  

Water Conservation:

Conserving the earth’s most valuable resource is of the utmost concern to us. Using drip irrigation systems and water-management approaches, our staff strikes a delicate balance between nature and man. Drip irrigation in our raised bed gardens decreases the evaporation rate and rain run off water is channeled into our detention pond for future irrigation purposes. Rain water from our Landscape Barn is captured in an underground tank that is specifically used to water plants in our raised bed Heritage Garden.  

Map of The Christopher Farm and Gardens

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